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Situated off the main Southeastern coast of China, Taiwan is also known as the People's Republic of China. Home to more than 22 million people, Taiwan in itself is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. The place has innumerable districts with different cultures, all melted together on this potato-shaped island.

Unlike mainland China, Taiwan has always been a progressive country and has been ‘home’ to several western powers. For this reason, one can come across distinct cuisine, people and architecture from a number of different countries in the world. Taiwan has an old-world charm to itself as well. Besides, Taiwan is known the world over as one of the hottest bio-diversity hotspots in the world. In all, if you are a travel enthusiast, Taiwan has everything to make your trip a memorable one; good food, great people, and some great places to stay. To top it all, the cost of living here is quite low which means that you can enjoy a lot more of your visit without having to burn a deep hole in your wallet.

Taiwan Travel Guide

Four Points By Sheraton Chung Ho Taipei Taiwan Hotels

Taiwan is an extremely pleasant surprise: with some of Asia’s most wild and beautiful countryside and yet ultramodern conurbations, it will amaze and delight you. Choose your accommodation well and you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime. Read More...

Hsinchu Hsinchu

With a history dating back over 400 years, Hsinchu is the oldest city in Northern Taiwan. Known as ‘The Windy City’ due to the gusts of wind blowing in off the Taiwan Strait, you’ll not want for excellent accommodation here. Read More...

Kaohsiung Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is the second most populated city in the country and is located on the south coast of Taiwan. It is heavily reliant on its port and industry and the amusingly-named ‘Love River’ flows through its heart. Read More...

Tainan Tainan

Tainan is in the south of Taiwan and is the fifth-largest city on the island. It is famous for the number of beautiful and striking temples to be visited and its cuisine is also well respected throughout the country. Read More...

Taipei Taipei

Taipei is at once ultramodern and traditional. From skyscrapers to shrines, it’s all here in a fascinating blend of old and new world. Check out the many dining and entertainment options in this capital of Taiwan. Read More...

Yilan Yilan

A beautiful province next to Tapei on Taiwan’s east coast, Yilan encapsulates everything that is charming and winsome about Taiwan. The actual seat of the county, Yilan City, is a university town with a yearly children’s folklore festival. Read More...

Taiwan Maps Taiwan Maps

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. The perfect way to find your way around and see where everything actually is. Read More...


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