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    Where and What to Eat in Taiwan

    Just like how roti is common in India and burgers are a staple diet in America, Taiwan noodle and rice shops are a dime a dozen. Virtually every corner restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of noodles or rice dishes, and will tempt you into trying a morsel of the hot soupy noodles made in every way possible and with the freshes ingredients. Notable noodle dishes include the steaming hot Hsinchu rice noodles, Nantou slender noodles and noodle dishes where the flour was hand-rolled and peeled before being cooked in a giant pot of piping soup.

    A regular staple in Taiwan are its delicious and addictive snacks. These are usually served in small snack shops or stalls in night markets where travelers and locals alike throng the area on search of the best Taiwanese snacks. Famous must-try dishes include oyster omelettes, squid stew as well as steamed or fried dumplings.

    For those who prefer something other than typical Taiwanese fare, there is a myriad of buffet restaurants, fast food joints and Japanese restaurants to whet your appetite. These restaurants are usually run by owners who know how to prepare the best meals that will have you coming back for more - for example, Japanese restaurants are mostly run by owners or chefs from Japanese origins and will feature fresh and authentic sushi as well as other dishes.

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