Taiwan Hotels by Name

Where to Stay in Taiwan

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  5319 Jia Jia Apartment   Tainan 36.51 USD

A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ambassador Hotel - Hsinchu   Hsinchu 105.12 USD
  Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung   Kaohsiung 83.39 USD
  Ambassador Hotel Taipei   Taipei 108.05 USD
  Caesar Park Kenting   Kenting 141.87 USD
  Cosmos Hotel Taipei   Taipei 81.27 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Four Points By Sheraton Taipei Zhonghe   Taipei 116.97 USD
  Fullon Hotel Hualien   Hualien 132.50 USD
  Fullon Hotel Taoyuan   Taoyuan 100.11 USD
  Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei   Taipei 82.98 USD
  Grand Hyatt Taipei   Taipei 238.10 USD
  Grand Victoria Hotel   Taipei 196.93 USD
  Home Hotel Taipei   Taipei 173.46 USD
  Hotel Cozzi Minsheng   Taipei 132.49 USD
  Hotel Cozzi Zhongxiao   Taipei 147.96 USD
  Hotel HD Palace   Taipei 92.94 USD
  Hotel ONE Taichung   Taichung 147.22 USD
  Hotel Quote Taipei   Taipei 140.81 USD
  Hotel Sunshine   Kaohsiung 52.70 USD

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Le Meridien Taipei   Taipei 243.34 USD
  Lees Boutique Hotel   Kaohsiung 53.54 USD
  Les Suites Taipei Ching-Cheng   Taipei 182.02 USD
  Les Suites Taipei Da-an   Taipei 160.61 USD
  Li Shiuan International Hotel   Hualien 57.73 USD
  Liga Hotel   Hualien 51.18 USD
  Luckynews Classic Hotel   Taoyuan 53.46 USD
  Miramar Garden Taipei   Taipei 137.80 USD
  NEOSOHO 24-7 Work & Relax Business Cabin   Taipei 18.52 USD
  Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport   Taoyuan 123.13 USD

P to R

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Regal Business Suites   Taipei 77.09 USD
  Riviera Hotel   Taipei 118.52 USD

S to Z

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Shangri - La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei   Taipei 273.96 USD
  Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan   Tainan 112.36 USD
  Single Inn   Kaohsiung 23.49 USD
  Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei   Taipei 78.44 USD
  Taipei Fullerton Hotel East   Taipei 103.05 USD
  Taipei Fullerton Hotel South   Taipei 141.33 USD
  Taipei Garden Hotel   Taipei 106.48 USD
  Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan   Tainan 104.07 USD
  The Caesarpark Hotel   Taipei 107.00 USD
  The Grand Hotel - Taipei   Taipei 146.34 USD
  The Lees Hotel Kaohsiung   Kaohsiung 69.60 USD
  The Regent Taipei   Taipei 200.09 USD
  The Westin Taipei   Taipei 200.09 USD
  Ulysses Hotel   Taipei 48.72 USD
  W Taipei   Taipei 277.04 USD

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