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Where and What to Eat in Hsinchu

The food business in Hsinchu is a thriving one, with many restaurants and food stalls dotting the city landscape. However, what makes Hsinchu stand out is its astounding variety of street food and local delights. Some tempting homegrown fare includes the humble peanut butter that’s rich and fragrant, perfect for breakfast and as a snack. Steamed cakes are also common in Hsinchu - the fluffy texture will surely appeal to anyone, and not just those with a sweet tooth.

Craving for something hot and savoury? Hsinchu’s very own meatball soup and fried rice noodles will surely whet your appetite and have you coming back for more. The pork meatballs are big and flavourful while the fried noodles are smooth and generous in proportion.

When it comes to dessert, nothing beats Taiwanese shaved ice as well as Hsinchu’s very own white gourd tea. Jumbo tapioca balls are also a delightful dessert - they are essentially potato starch shaped like balls, chewy and sweetened with syrup and flavoured ice.

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Curry Fans

Like its name implies this restaurant serves all types of delicious curries. From spicy Thai curry to rich Indian curry, patrons are sure to love the spicy and savoury offerings. The menu also offers local fare but travelers mainly flock to the restaurant for a taste of authentic curry.

  • Opening Hours: Opens for lunch and dinner
  • Location: 13, San Min Street 2
  • Cuisine: Curry dishes
  • Price Range: Medium range
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Golden Mountain Arts and Lifestyle Restaurant

Step into the Golden Mountain Arts and Lifestyle Restaurant and you will be forgiven for thinking that you have just been transported to China. The old-fashioned restaurant is a delightful place to have meals, but you may need to restraint yourself from whipping out your camera to take pictures most of the time. The food is gloriously Chinese - specialties include Chinese barbecue pork buns, shrimp rolls, pork dumplings and radish cake.

  • Opening Hours: Open for lunch and dinner
  • Location: 13, JInshan 13th Street
  • Cuisine: Local Taiwanese fare
  • Price Range: Medium to high
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Guo-guo Thick Soup

Forget watered down soups that you will find elsewhere - the thick soup at Guo-guo’s Thick Soup store is the best you will ever taste! The soup is thick and starchy, and contains many yummy ingredients such as diced pork, bamboo shoots and fish broth. It is easy to see why the recipe has been in existence for more than seven decades as customers keep coming back for more.

  • Opening Hours: 09:30 – 21:00
  • Location: Inside the Cheng-Huang Temple, No. 75, Chung-Sheng Rd
  • Cuisine: Traditional
  • Price Range: Economical
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Guo’s Non-fried Spring Roll Shop

What a mouthful it is to pronounce this shop’s name. The owner of will proudly tell patrons that he uses only the freshest ingredients in his spring rolls. No shortcuts are used, and he will also readily demonstrate his spring roll-making capabilities to those who will stop and look. All spring rolls are made to order, so each is as fresh as they come! Don’t forget to request for the sweet tangy dipping sauce.

  • Location: Inside Cheng Huang Temple
  • Cuisine: Spring rolls, traditional fare
  • Price Range: Economical
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One Two Three Restaurant

This restaurant is family run and offers some of the homeliest local Hsinchu fare ever. The food is delicious and not too oily - the proprietor is quick to point out that he hires only the best cooks as he is a rather health-conscious person. The interior itself is homely and offers a comfortable place to have a quiet dinner with friends and family.

  • Opening Hours: Open for lunch and dinner
  • Location: 17, Fu-hou Street
  • Cuisine: Local Hsinchu fare
  • Price Range: Affordable

Shi Family Fish Ball Store

This famous snack store has been operating for five decades. Purely family-owned, the store owner readily regales clients with the story of his humble beginnings. The fish balls are chewy and stuffed with the choicest ingredients, and each is a delight to savour. They’re made by hand and supply is limited, so be sure to go to the store early.

  • Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00, Sat - Sun 08:00 - 18:30
  • Location: NO. 27 & 29, Sing Nan Street
  • Cuisine: Traditional stuffed fish balls
  • Price Range: Economic

Shuei Jian Bao Breakfast Shop

Shuei Jiao Bao is essentially fluffy buns stuffed with pork and other ingredients. The owner demonstrates how easy it is to make the buns but is quick to add that the recipe is a secret one. He also sells other food such as hand pulled rice noodles, rice and homemade peanut butter with bread.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 17:00
  • Location: NO. 554, Nan-Da Road, (right across from the Teachers College)
  • Cuisine: Traditional
  • Price Range: Economical

The Spice Shop

Don’t forget to try the delicious tandoori dishes at the Spice Shop. This Indian restaurant is one of the most famous in the area and offers a good choice of Indian fare, be it spicy beef stew, curries, or garlic naan bread. The staff is also friendly and knowledgeable - most will readily recommend you some dishes based on your tolerance for spiciness.

  • Location: 1, Shengli Road
  • Cuisine: Indian cuisine
  • Price Range: Medium to high
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Wang’s Oyster Pancake

The owner has been selling oyster pancakes for more than 60 years. Known as a famous Taiwanese street food, the humble oyster pancake is no less grand when cooked by Wang. The oyster is tender and plentiful while the vegetables are fresh and fragrant. The starch used to make the pancake is chewy and flavourful - don’t forget to request for added chili sauce for that extra zing in your mouth!

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
  • Location: No. 75, Chung-Sheng Rd.
  • Cuisine: Traditional
  • Price Range: Economical

Yunnan Wind Restaurant

Spicy clay pot meals, grilled meats and stir-fried vegetables are some recommended dishes. The Yunnan Wind Restaurant serves up mostly spicy dishes similar to Thai fare, and you can order icy sweet desserts like Taiwanese shaved ice. The atmosphere is serene and conducive.

  • Location: 231 Dongming Street
  • Cuisine: Traditional Yunnan fare
  • Price Range: Medium
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