Kaohsiung Activities

What to Do in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has a lot of activities, from adventure sports to ferry rides on the Love River to eating out at the numerous night markets, there is a whole array of things you can do and still not exhaust your options.

Kaohsiung, being the most densely populated city in Taiwan, happens to be a major centre of tourism as well. The streets, waterways and numerous natural spots encompassing the 11 districts of Kaohsiung give the city a unique look, feel and dimension.

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Bike around

Kaohsiung is known as a manufacturing centre of bicycles and the city has bike rental services. The good thing about bike rentals here is that you can rent one out from one metro station and drop it off at any other – thus making the whole process of biking a rather convenient one. You can ride a bike to nearby places and the old district as well. The landscape out here is primarily flat and riding along the banks of Love River is a great way to rejuvenate and exercise. You can also ride to places like Escape 41 – a resort. There are some good green spots in and around Kaohsiung and exploring these on a bicycle is a great way of watching Nature from up close.

Cijin District

Cijin is one of the 11 districts of Kaohsiung and is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of the province. The best part about Cijin is the Cijin-Goushan ferry ride – an experience in itself. Cijin is an island situated about 15 minutes away from the mainland and is best known for its numerous restaurants selling the best seafood on the planet!

The experience is enthralling and there are places where you can pick fresh produce and watch it being prepared right in front of your own eyes. This is the closest it gets to fishing and preparing the meal yourself. Cijin is also accessible from the mainland through tunnels connecting the island with the rest of Kaohsiung.

Dream Mall

The largest mall in Taiwan and the second-largest in Asia, Dream Mall deserves a visit, if not for the sake of shopping, then purely to check the huge place out. The architecture is bound to mesmerize just and you are going to need a full day (if not more) in order to completely explore this mall. Though a little out of the way, it is definitely worth a visit and you must go to the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel on the rooftop.

  • Location: No. 789, ZhōngHuá 5th Rd, Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 806
  • Tel: +886 7 973-3888
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Get out

Kaohsiung is known for its good nightlife and the restaurants here are relatively reasonably priced when compared to the rest of Taiwan. There are a number of good bars where you can rest assured of having a great time. The 2 Coins Bar situated at Fujian St. is one such place. There are many such bars, lounges and pubs where you can enjoy the evening along the banks of the Love River.

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

If you happen to arrive in Kaohsiung in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebrations (around mid Feb to mid March) then you can join in the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival that is held along the banks of Love River. The festival is not only about traditional lanterns but also features great Taiwanese food, cultural shows, live music and cultural concerts.

Take a walk

Taking a walk down the streets of Kaohsiung is not only the best way to see the town in small spurts, but it also gives you more time to appreciate the beauty and the very nature of the town. The distances between sites of similar interest are not too far and getting around and exploring the place on foot can actually help you discover details about the city that would otherwise have gone unnoticed by you.

Urban Spotlight

Urban Spotlight is one of the most popular destinations in Kaohsiung. A relatively quiet city park by day, at night, just when the evening sets in, the whole area lights up. There are a number of bands that perform live here and the coffee shops bustle with people. You can see locals and visitors having a good time and feasting on ultra-delectable food at the food stalls. The stalls here are known for their good seafood amongst other cuisines. You can also visit the nearby Dream Mall- one of the largest shopping malls in Kaohsiung.

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