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Where to Shop and What to Buy in Kaohsiung

Located in the southwest part of Taiwan, Kaohsiung is a must-visit location. A very beautiful city and the second largest in Taiwan, it is home to nearly half of the country’s population. Very well connected, nationally and internationally, to most major cities by air, water, rail and its Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System (KMRT) is second to none. The city has recently undergone many drastic upgrades due to being the host city for the World Games 2009. It is known for its many glitzy shopping malls, plazas, marketplaces and night markets as the city is a shopper’s paradise! There is a marketplace for every kind of commodity and the products are not expensive and of good quality.

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Chiayi Wenhua Night Market

Foreign tourists love the Chiayi Wenhua Night Market located along the Zhong Shan Road for its low prices. It is one of the many night markets in Kaohsiung and is located in close proximity to the Chiayi train station and is perhaps best known for its world-famous noodles in a cup and is one of the longest markets in the country at nearly half a kilometre long. Most of the markets here are for daily needs and visitors should head here for groceries if they prefer to cook their own food.

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Cingnian Street

Located in Sinsing District, Cingnian Street is one of the oldest marketplaces in Kaohsiung. It is known all over the east for its furniture shops. Here, you can get anything from bookshelves to cupboards, tables and wine cabinets – hence it is a very busy marketplace. The furniture is very reasonably priced and comes in all types; western as well as oriental designs are available. Smaller, easier carried items such as curtains, lamps and light stands are also for sale.

Kaohsiung is home to many markets with a small market on almost every street. A shopper’s paradise, make sure you don’t decide a budget limit before starting as you will go crazy seeing the variety of goods!

Dream Mall

The second biggest mall in Asia, the Dream Mall is located on the outskirts of the city in the Cianjhen District. The mall has ample parking space for 4,000 cars and is spread across a sprawling 400,000sqm and houses an amusement park on its roof which is home to the famous Kaohsiung Eye. Though only linked by road, there are plans of opening up stations to the Kaohsiung Metro nearby. It has showrooms for all major brands along with a multiplex cinema hall and gyms. With 1,200 flagship stores and 2,300 stores in total, it’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Opening Hours: Mall 11:00 - 22:00, The Amusement Park 11:00 – 22:30
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Located in the Lingya District along Wumiao Road, Dushwan is a market place which claims to offer visitors the ultimate shopping experience. Being a street market, it opens early at 08:00 and the shopping continues till 22:30 every day. With great parking space it is best accessed by car.


Located along the Raylon E Road, Fongshan or Fong Shan offers new and modern facilities for shoppers. With ample free parking, accessibility by road is never a problem and there is no train station in the vicinity. All major credit cards are accepted and many hawkers throng the marketplace with exciting electronics and other goods. Open from 08:00 till late, Fong Shan is a shopping hotspot in Kaohsiung.

Hanshin and Isetan

Linked by the KMRT, the Hanshin and the Isetan shopping centres are located on opposite sides of the street with a whole shopping district around. Located on the Bo-ai 2nd Road, it opens up to visitors in the morning and stays open till late evening with ample options to go on a shopping-spree!

Hsin Chueh Chian Shopping Area

Located in the Sinsing District, the Hsin Chueh Chian Shopping Area is a favourite with the younger generation. Located on Yuchu Street, it houses the famous NOVA Computer Mall. With stores and hawkers selling the newest Japanese gizmos at cheap prices, this is your one stop for buying any sort of electronics. Featuring ample parking space, the mall uses a very classy approach to lure all sorts of customers and the shop owners all are made to dress up accordingly; the modernistic touch of the mall makes it hard to resist.

Liuhe Night Market

Located on either side of the Liuhe Second Road in the Sinsing District, the Liuhe Night Market attracts visitors from all over the world for its numerous food stalls. Famous for its extensive Japanese cuisine and the ‘eel spaghetti’, it is one of the cleanest markets in Kaohsiung. It is also accessible from the nearby Formosa Boulevard KMRT station.

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Pintung Minzu Night Market

Located on Minzu Road, the Pintung Night Market is one of the most crowded markets in town. Easily reached from nearby Pintung Railway station, it’s famous for its innovative food stalls. Being a major tourist hotspot, you will also find a lot of local ‘tour guides’ who may cheat you so beware of them. Famous for its dumplings, it also has other delectable food items like sweet taro cake and many popular local snacks. Adjacent to Zi-feng-Gou Temple, the biggest of the Mazu Temples, it is a great place to buy souvenirs and small trinkets. It is open till late at night so the best time to visit to beat the rush is the afternoon.

Sinsing Night Market

Kaohsiung City is famous for its exciting night markets. The Sinsing Night Market, located along Datung Road and Nanhua Road, is a shopping heaven for the ladies with all kinds of shops for clothing and accessories, all very well priced. Known as the Nanhua Market in the daytime, the market is located in the Sinsing District and goes on till late at night. It is easily reachable from the Formosa Boulevard KMRT station. Don’t forget to bargain while you shop! 

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