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There are so many things to see and do in Nantou County that you will not be left bored wondering how to spend the rest of your holiday. At first glance, Nantou may look like nothing but idyllic countryside with nothing to do, but the truth is that Nantou offers a lot more than just scenic views and fresh mountain air.

There are lots of hiking trails to explore, perfect for those who love adventure. Some travelers who are not ardent hiking fans will readily take part in hiking excursions, unable to resist the natural beauty and charms of the countryside. Locals and guides will usually suggest that travelers take a tour of one of the many tea plantations by the hillside so that they can see firsthand how quality Nantou tea is produced.

Along with the nature walks and hiking trails, there are also many temples, museums, historical spots as well as cultural performances to be enjoyed. All in all, Nantou is one of Taiwan’s best hidden gems, perfect for the worldly traveler who wants to discover something new and revel in its mystery.

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Batongguan Historic Trail

Yearning for a different sort of excavation trail? Try asking your Nantou guide for a tour of the Batongguan Historic trail. The trail was established by soldiers in the year 1875 during the rule of the Ching Imperial. Along the trail, you will find numerous stone inscriptions that bear the milestones of history in the area such as the “Wan Nian Heng Cyu” stone inscription made upon a gargantuan boulder, and when translated, reads “The opening of the roads expedites trade and travel to the benefit of future generations”.

Besides learning about the deep-rooted history of Nantou, you can also bask in the beauty of the Central Mountain Range.

  • Opening Hours: Depends on tour
  • Location: Jhushan, Nantou
  • Price Range: N/A
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Explore Lalu Island

Previously known as Guanghua Island, Lalu Island in Sun Moon Lake is one of the most scenic in all of Taiwan. Locals from around Taiwan flock to the island’s ‘matchmaker shrine’ to have their prayers answered so that they may find their soul mates and enjoy a perfect marriage.

  • Location: Sun Moon Lake
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Hanbi Hiking Trail

The Hanbi Hiking Trail is perfect for travelers who want to tour Sun Moon Lake at their own leisurely pace. The red-brick-paved trail is 1.5km long. As travelers stroll down the trail, they are treated to sights of Lalu Island and the Cih-en pagoda rising majestically against the mountainous backdrop.

  • Opening Hours: N/A
  • Location: Sun Moon Lake
  • Price Range: N/A
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Have English tea at The Old England

If having English tea in Nantou sounds odd, wait till you visit The Old England boutique hotel. This well-known hotel was established by a man so enamoured with all things English that he spent a whopping NT$800 million to bring back a slice of England to central Taiwan. The sculptures, gardens, furnishing and every single element reflect the old English charms that many experience during their stay in Nantou. You can have an authentic English afternoon high tea or stay the night in one of their splendid rooms.

  • Location: Near Chingjing Farm, Nantou
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Learn about tea at the Hushan Art Center

At the Hushan Art Center, there were many displays about tea history and production. Those small glass containers pictured on the tables allow visitors to compare the appearance of different kinds of tea. The map of Taiwan marks various tea producing areas.  Those that Nantou produces include: Lushan Oolong, Dongding Tea, Zhushan Oolong, Shanlinsi Oolong, Yushan Oolong, and Sun Moon Lake Black Tea.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Address: No. 669, Chung Hsing Road, Nantou City
  • Price Range: Free

Maolan Hiking Trail

This 4.6km trail is ideal for travelers who do not mind a long stroll to explore the beautiful mountains and verdant greenery around the Nantou countryside. Enjoy the views over the tea plantations and with Sun Moon Lake being just a stone’s throw away, lots of fresh air and beautiful scenery, it’s a great day out.

  • Location: Sun Moon Lake
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Nantou County History Hall

The Nantou County History Hall is THE place to be for history buffs. Visitors will be thrilled to know that a single venue houses the County History Hall, the Nantou Pottery Exhibition Hall, Art Archive Hall and County History Reference Hall. You may also want to visit the Wu-De Temple, an old structure which was first built in the year 1937. During the height of the Japanese occupation, the vast temple was being used as a sparring ground for police personnel to hone their kendo and judo skills. Today, the temple is a favourite visiting spot for both locals and foreigners alike.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Address: #65, Zhang-nan Rd. 2nd section, Nantou City
  • Price Range: Free

Stay at the Youth Activity Center

The Youth Activity Center at Sun Moon Lake Recreational Scenic Area, Nantou County, is just like a YMCA but offers so much more in terms of environmental beauty and peace. Situated amidst verdant greenery, the center offers 24 log cabins for your accommodation pleasure. Each comes complete with well-maintained amenities. If you do choose to stay a night or two here, you can explore the surrounding area and even take the time to visit the Butterfly Garden, touted as Sun Moon Lake’s most-loved nature ecology classroom.

  • Opening Hours: N/A
  • Location: Sun Moon Lake Recreational Scenic Area
  • Price Range: Varies

Visit the Annual Nantou World Tea Expo

Nantou was chosen to be the premier World Tea Festival Expo site due to its rich history of being tea plantation country. The mountainous terrain in Nantou makes it ideal for tea planting and the Nantou World Tea Expo shows visitors just how sought-after the teas are. This is the best event to visit if you want to learn about tea history and culture, as well as production techniques and types of teas. Tea samplings are conducted regularly - visitors should never miss trying out the vast cornucopia of fragrant teas produced in the Nantou region.

  • Location: Jhongsing Village, Nantou, Taiwan

Watch cultural performances at the Hushan Art Center’s lecture hall and auditorium

There are no better places to learn about art and history than at the Hushan Art Center. While you are there, you may also opt to pass the time while watching splendid cultural performances at its expansive lecture hall and auditorium. They seat 348 and 843 respectively, and when cultural performances are not held, you can participate in symposiums and themed exhibitions every week. The auditorium and lecture hall is open every day except on Mondays.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (except Mondays)
  • Address: Hushan Art Center, No. 669, Chung Hsing Road, Nantou City
  • Price Range: Free
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