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    What to Do at Night in Taiwan

    Taiwan is best known as the island that never sleeps. The ever vibrant Taipei is where you should be headed if you want to experience a truly invigorating nightlife scene - the array of things you can see and do will be more than enough to occupy your time there. As a rule, shopping centres, entertainment outlets, boutiques and even restaurants close late at night, with some as shutting their doors as late as midnight. However, there are increasingly many outlets such as bookstores and convenience stores opening their doors all day and night - these 24-hour cafes cater to those who are awake from dusk to dawn.

    Taiwan is also famous for its night markets. It is hard to explore the streets of Taiwan without bumping into a night market every other corner. These night markets offer just about anything from food and trinkets to clothes and accessories. There is a dizzying array of snacks and desserts offered here, so you need not worry about being hungry.

    On the other hand, pubs, bars and karaoke lounges can also be found in abundance. These outlets are usually open from dusk to the wee hours of the morning. Those who prefer to party all night long will be thrilled to bits to find streets filled to the brim with bars and pubs combining artfully concocted drinks with good music. However, if you are all for enjoying your drinks in a classy ambient, you may visit one of the many lounge bars in the cities.

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