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Taipei has four seasons. The summers are very hot and humid and are followed by typhoons and rainstorms in autumn.  Winters are short and not troublesome. Taiwan is situated near the Pacific is prone to the Pacific Typhoon Season which occurs from June to October.

Festivals of Taipei


Taipei is known for its different festivals celebrated in unique style. When the Lantern Festival is celebrated the view is astounding as many colourful lanterns take the shape of big pumpkins in the sky. Festive celebrations take place at various landmarks such as the Taipei 101, Memorial Square and Zhongshan Hall. The Double Ten Day is celebrated on the premises of the Presidential building. The Dragon Boat festival, Ghost Festival, Tomb Sweeping day and the mid-autumn festival are other annual festivals of Taipei.

Many movies are made in Taipei. Some of them have been Eat, Pray and Love, One and Two, A Confucian Confusion, The Brighter Summer Day and The Taipei Story.


Taipei is renowned for its culinary arts. Not only do its restaurants serve Chinese food but they also have a delicious variety of dishes from Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian Cuisines. The Shilin Market is famous for its classic and lip-smacking street eateries which provide Oyster omelettes, tianbula, stinky tofu, mango ice, pan-fried pork buns, Taiwanese sausage, braised soy beans and tea. Read More...


Getting around Taipei is extremely simple. The roads and public transport networks are universally efficient and simple to understand and there is a range of trustworthy options available to get you to every corner of the city. The well-known MRT system is a particular favourite of locals and tourists alike, being cheap, quick and convenient. The vast majority of the major attractions around the city have their own MRT station, making it very easy to tick off the items in your itinerary. Read More...


Taipei is famous for its Night Markets. One of the most popular night markets of Taipei is Shilin Night Market in Shilin District. This market opens in the evening and by late evening it is completely crowded. Even well after midnight you will find the place popping. Shilin Night Market is famous for garment shops and good food. Ximending is another night market and has been popular since 1930. The Xinyi district is noted for its shopping complexes and these days it’s popular among teenagers for its pubs and discothèques. Read More...


Taipei has two airports, with one serving most of the international arrivals while the other is primarily for domestic travel around Taiwan. As is often the case, the city centre airport – Taipei Songshan Airport – is the older of the two, but found itself swamped by a rapidly growing tourism industry and with no more room to expand. International flights were therefore routed to an out-of-town airport – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - with high-speed transport links connecting it to the city centre. Read More...

  • Location: 340-9 Dunhua N. Road, Songshan
  • Tel: +66 (0)2 8770 3456
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Transport Facilities


Taipei’s public transport is well connected, with a good bus system, metro and two airports. The Taipei Metro is commonly known as the MRT. The Taiwan high-speed rail system was inaugurated in 2007.


The weather in Taipei features hot, wet summers and cold, dry winters due to Taiwan’s subtropical climate and Pacific Ocean location. As the island is hit with both monsoon cycles, it is known for its frequent rainy days, with Pacific typhoons adding two or three big storms each year. The humidity rarely drops below 70 per cent, making cold periods feel extremely cold and hot periods feel very sticky. Read More...



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