10 Best Hotels in Nantou

Most Popular Nantou Hotels

Our list of the 10 best hotels in Nantou has been established according to the number of bookings the hotels and resorts of this secluded region of Taiwan have had in the past few months. This means that all the hotels on display below are the favourite accommodation choices of those who spent a comfortable holiday in one of the most beautiful areas of the island nation of Taiwan.

Staying at one of the most popular Nantou hotels is the promise of a hassle-free vacation in a bucolic region that retains a strong sense of authenticity. Check out these recommendable lodgings below; there’s surely a place that will suit your tastes and requirements among them.

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  1. The Okura Prestige Taipei 4.7/ 5
  2. Regent Taipei 4.5/ 5
  3. The Sherwood Taipei 4.5/ 5
  4. The Landis Taipei 4.4/ 5
  5. Palais de Chine Hotel 4.4/ 5
  6. W Taipei 4.6/ 5
  7. Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei 4.5/ 5
  8. Park City Hotel Luzhou Taipei 4.5/ 5
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