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The Northeastern Coast of Taiwan has always been known for great cuisine, adventure spots and a range of biologically diverse habitats. All this makes this region of Taiwan one of the most interesting ones in all of Asia. From beautiful rafting destinations, great trekking regions, museums sporting rare artifacts, to vineyards and roadside cafes – Yilan has it all. There are a number of activities to indulge yourself in at Yilan. Be it whale watching at Turtle Island or hunting down some really interesting local dishes in the Luodong Night Market, you just can't get enough of this place.

The best part about spending a day or two in Yilan is that there are a number of undiscovered pathways to tread, innumerable hot springs to visit, hundreds of peaks to relish and most of all, there is an Old World Charm to this place that makes it a never-ending extravaganza for a true outdoor adventure enthusiast. Yilan is also a goldmine of knowledge for those who are interested in history and culture. The place has so many museums that keeping a track of all of them is virtually impossible. Add to this the centres of fine arts and culture, and you are all set for a fascinating trip.

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Dongshan Water Park

Yilan has a sweltering summer season and this park is all it takes to deal with the heat. The park, like most water parks meeting international standards, has some really cool activities that you can indulge in. To top it all, trance-techno music is played along the rides, giving you a head-rush beyond imagination. Some of the most popular rides of the park include the Octopus Slide, a Giant Slide and an elevated surface sport Jumping Jets.

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Luodong Night Market

If there is one place that defines Yilan and the Northeastern Coast in essence it has got to be the Luodong Night Market. From food, shopping and socialising to just chilling at one of the roadside cafes this place has it all! The most important and un-missable part of the Luodong night market are the mouthwatering local snacks here. Smoked duckling, Yilan pastry, and smoked duck meat are some of the plates you should try. There are a number of shops and roadside vendors here as well and this should keep you busy for a long time. Luodong market is a place you shouldn’t miss out on your trip to Yilan.

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The Northeastern coast of Taiwan is known as a surfing Mecca and Yilan has some really cool surf spots. Suao is one such harbour town of Yilan which is known the world over for its challenging surfing.

Understanding culture

Yilan has a number of art centres and museums which make it apt for those who are looking for a dose of history. You must visit the following places if you are a culture buff:

National Centre for Traditional arts- Wujie, He Dong Tang Lion Museum- Toucheng, Museum of Yilan Government History and the Taiwanese Opera Museum.

  • Location: Shih-Ba Chien Mountain

Turtle Island

This is one of the places in Yilan where you are required to have a permit before you go. The place offers a chance for you to spot whales and is called Turtle Island because of its shape. The island’s shape is due to years of volcanic activities in the ocean and appears like a Turtle's shell from an aerial view. Definitely a place worth visiting for its mysterious landscape.

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Visit the Marian Hiking Trail/Trek

Yilan is known for its hiking trails. The untouched and vast expanses of land, vegetation, forest and awesome weather make Yilan a hiker's paradise. This particular trail starts at a Church near Wufengchi Waterfalls. Divided into a total of four sections, the trail spans a total of about seven kilometers and covers some breathtaking landscapes. The trail picks up in terms of difficulty as one moves further up from Wufengchi but the landscape also keeps getting better. You end up at a point that gives an awesome view of Turtle Island and the Lanyang Plain. The view is worth the effort and time spent.

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