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Yilan is one of the more naturally diverse locations in Taiwan. Known for a rich cultural heritage and an ample amount of hiking trails, mountain peaks as well as innumerable natural getaways, Yilan beckons one and all. The place scores well in almost all the yardsticks used to measure the tourist-attraction quotient of a destination - from good local cuisine, natural hotspots, easy accessibility from the major parts of the country to small and seemingly trivial things such as peaceful locations and comparatively low crime rates; in short, Yilan has it all.

The most beautiful aspect of Yilan is, undoubtedly, its picturesque natural locations. Major attractions consist of a number of hiking trails, hot springs and other natural getaways. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and well-known Yilan attractions. 

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Annong Creek

This place is known for its splendid whitewater rafting venues. Annong also has a number of smaller attractions and because it is so popular, there are numerous budget and luxury hotels in the Annong Creek area for the benefit of the tourists. Spending a night or two in the region is one of the finest ways of experiencing the area to the full. The region has, apart from some great whitewater rafting destinations, places of historical interest as well as a number of untouched natural belts. Definitely worth a visit!

Gueishan Island

Gueishan Island is one of the major attractions of Yilan. The island is in the shape of a sea turtle due to many long years of volcanic activity and somewhat logically many people refer to it as Turtle Island. You will require a permit to visit this remote place and the number of people allowed to go is usually limited. You can enjoy whale-watching here and Turtle Island is also known as one of the best places to appreciate the beauty of the sunrise.

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Jia Zi Lan Wine Museum

A one-of-its-kind museum, the Jia Zi Lan Wine Museum, as the name suggests, is a small museum having alcohol-related collectibles and souvenirs. The museum is located in one of the oldest distilleries in Taiwan and the place is a must-visit for those who want to have a sneak peak at historic methods of wine production and preparation. There is also a small gift shop here.

Lion Museum

The Lion Museum aka the He Dong Tang Lion Museum is a one-off kind of place featuring numerous stone lion statues. There is an entry fee of $180 NT per person.

Luodong Night Market

Located in the Chungshan Park area, Luodong Market is one of the most happening places in Yilan. It not only offers a great shopping experience, but it’s lined with street vendors and cafés offering mouthwatering local Taiwanese cuisine. The market opens early in the morning and runs late through the night. It attracts a number of local people and tourists each day and the market above all is known for its amazing food. Some of the most popular snacks to be found here include mutton herbal soup, rice noodle soup and iced tapioca. This is a must-visit location for those who love to hang out and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing but munching on delicacies. Yilan pastry, smoked duck meat and ya shang are some of the other delicacies you may want to try at Luodong Night Market.

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Museum of Yilan Government History

This museum exhibits some old relics and souvenirs from the Japanese Colonial Era and presents the chance for visitors to get one-on-one with the rich culture heritage of Yilan. Most parts of the museum are free, except for County Prefect’s House that is about $30 NT for an adult.

National Centre for Traditional Arts

This is one of the most important centres of traditional and fine arts in Taiwan. The large centre is located in Wujie and its main focus is to promote Taiwanese arts and culture. You can also shop for souvenirs that are sold along the ‘Old Street’- a renovated part of the centre. Entry fee is $150 NT for adults.

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Taiwanese Opera Museum

The county of Yilan is known for its historical archives and cultural significance. This place is located in the cultural centre of Yilan and it showcases traditional Chinese art forms, including puppetry. You can try your hand at traditional opera on the third floor in this building. A must-visit for all art connoisseurs!

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The Meri Leu Fine Art Carving Gallery

Meri Leu is one of the most famous artists to have emerged out of Taiwan and this art gallery not only houses her works, but is also a workshop for the students of this renowned artist. Entry fee is $100 NT and tea/coffee is served free to visitors.

The Taipingshan Forestry Recreational Area

Known the world over as an important logging location, the Taipingshan Forestry Recreational Area is also recognised for its awesome scenic spots. The area is located in the Tatung Village and the whole recreational belt is built around Mt. Tiaping that rises to almost 2,000 metres above sea level and is covered in mist all the year round. The peak offers epic views of the surrounding area and here you’ll find a number of biologically diverse forest attractions; from cypresses to hemlocks and other types of vegetation. In short, the Taipingshan region is a paradise for Nature lovers.

Hot springs are located towards the centre of the region and are known to possess therapeutic properties. The famous Pong-Pong trail is also situated in this area. This trail was used for transporting logs and wood in the past. These days it is open to visitors and enjoying a ride along this trail is a great experience. There are so many areas of interest in the Taipingshan region that one really has to visit the place in no hurry in order to catch the essence of it. Besides, here you’ll see one of the rarest natural sights of Taiwan - snow at the top of nearby peaks! In all, a visit to Taiwan would be incomplete without spending a day or two at Taipingshan.

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