Yilan Restaurants & Dining

Where and What to Eat in Yilan

Just like all the other places in Taiwan, Yilan has some really interesting culinary delights to offer visitors.

Vegetarians appreciate the many options the city affords while seafood lovers will be pleased with the opportunities that Yilan offers. Its night markets, too, are places of culinary interest.

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Bei Guan Restaurant

This place is famous all over Taiwan for its seafood. Seafood is one of the most important cuisines along the Northeastern coast of Yilan and the Bei Guan Restaurant is the best place for getting your hands on some of the best available in Taiwan.

  • Location: #169, Binahi Road, Toucheng
  • Tel: +886-3 9781226
  • Price Range: Medium range

Capri European Restaurant

Who says that Yilan is only about authentic Chinese/Taiwanese food? There are some really good restaurants serving authentic European Cuisine in Yilan and the Capri European Restaurant is one such place. Part of the Shangrila Boutique Hotel, Capri is one of the favorite eating-out spots in town. The hotel in itself is one of the best four-star hotels in Yilan and the restaurant is a testimony to the exceptional service and catering that the Shangrila is known for.

  • Location: Xiehe, Wujie
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Chen Ming Vegetarian Restaurant

If you happen to extend your stay in Yilan, chances are that you might get bored with small noodle outlets and want to visit eating-out locations that are a little more sophisticated, but not really heavy on the pocket. For such visitors, the Chen Ming Vegetarian restaurant is a good option. The place is well set up with a decent ambiance and is not overpriced at all. The food is excellent and although the menu is in the local language, pictures of the dishes are supplied in order to help foreign visitors in choosing. The restaurant is divided into separate sections for personal dining, group catering and buffet.

  • Location: 381 Ming Tzu Road
  • Tel: +886-9 3398 5951
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Loving Hut

The Loving Hut promotes vegetarian-style living and is a part of an international chain of vegetarian restaurants. Each of the outlets is family owned/managed and food is reasonably priced for the most part. The menu is in Chinese however some menu items have photographs attached as well, to help foreign visitors in choosing the right dish for themselves.

  • Location: 14 Taishan Road
  • Tel: +886-3-9332992
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Yilan Harbour is known for having numerous seafood outlets and most prepare the dishes live, in front of your eyes – a fact that adds a certain appeal. The fish is chosen from the local harbour markets and therefore the end product is the freshest it can get! The natural and delicate flavour of tender, fresh fish is something you won't get at many places in the world. Some of the harbours along the Yilan and the Northeastern Coast include Dasi Harbour, Genfang Harbour and Aodi Harbour. All these harbours are a must-try for avid seafood lovers.

Shan Shin Noodles Shop

This is one of the most famous noodle shops in Yilan. Mostly serving vegetarian food, this place is great for noodle fans and for those who like to munch fast food on the go.

  • Location: 18 Cherng Hwang Street
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Toucheng Farm

If you are looking for authentic dishes amidst nature and along the Northeastern Coast of Taiwan, then trying out some of the food stalls/restaurants at the Toucheng Farm is worth the effort. The Toucheng Farm is a place that offers an exotic mix of tradition, suave tastes and a memorable overall ambiance. It’s a perfect place to spend a romantic evening with that someone special in your life.

Various Teahouses and Cafes along the Coast

All the cafés, whether new or established, along the Northeastern Coast of Taiwan (mostly consisting of Yilan and neighboring areas) carry an old world charm to them and offer an exquisite experience. You can try out Cjwine Wine House and Chihcheng Scenic Café to name just two. Hunting for great coffee shops is one of the most interesting and rewarding things that one can indulge in on a trip to the Northeastern coast of Taiwan- especially Yilan.

Wild Smoke

If you want to enjoy a traditional Taiwanese meal in peace, then Wild Smoke is just the place for you. Known for exceptionally great food, the place overlooks the Shuanglianpi, a lake around the Fushan Botanical Gardens. With its scenic beauty, Wild Smoke is ideal for hosting parties.

  • Location: 21-8 Shuang Bi Road, Yuan Shan
  • Tel: +886-3 9228966

Zon Shu Shia Su Shih

For authentic international cuisine this is the place to be. From Thai, Korean and mahjong sesame paste noodles to various types of tofu preparations and rice bowls- you get it all here!

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
  • Location: 97 Taisan Road
  • Tel: +886-3 9355709
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Yilan Local Cuisine

Yilan is known for some really interesting and authentic local cuisine and dishes. Wujie, Toucheng and Luodong markets are the best places to come across these. Here is a list of some of the must-try Yilan dishes.

Bao Xin Fen Yuan

One of the indigenous Yilanese desserts crafted out of tapioca. This dessert is the closest you can get to heaven! Usually served on ice and dressed with unimaginable toppings, this is something youcannot pass by during your Yilan visit.

There are a number of other local savories that you can bite into if time permits. The best way to go about it is the DIY way- Discover It Yourself.

Mashed Taro

A traditional snack.


This is a variety of meat sold in Yilan and is known to complement authentic Chinese cuisine. It has a distinctive aroma and flavor of its own a must try.

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