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Located on the East Coast of Taiwan, right next to Taipei Province, two of the most famous things that Yilan is known for are its annual summer Children's Folklore Festival and its amazing scenic beauty. One of the best ways of exploring Yilan is by doing a good homework on its various unseen regions, studying maps of all the nearby regions and by preparing a good itinerary which will involve quite a lot of adventure based activities.

On paper, Yilan is a single city, but in reality it coexists with Luodong – the major centre for business and economy in Yilan Province. There are also a number of smaller districts/areas/localities within Yilan that have a charm of their own. Having foreknowledge of some of the prominent districts and localities of Yilan goes a long way in helping you plan your trip.

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Good to know

The city as such has a couple of good shopping malls, the National Yilan University, a night market that is built on the lines of Kaohsiung and Taipei, a sports park and a cultural centre that is small yet well recognised.

Getting there

Yilan is easily accessible from the rest of Taiwan and is well connected to Taipei by rail and road networks. If you happen to use the road, the transit time should not be more than one hour and often less than 45 minutes. Shared taxis and busses travel between Taipei and Yilan and generally, a shared cab ride (with four people travelling in the cab) would cost you about $250NT. If, however, you are planning to take a bus, ensure that Yilan is one of the main stops. Apart from the traditional methods of transport mentioned here, you can also rent out scooters from Taipei and zip around to Yilan – it sure is fun.

There are some great places in the vicinity of Yilan and exploring these is a must-do for any traveler to the county. Jiaosi is one such island that is known for its great hot spring resorts. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, then this is the place for you. Criss-crossed with numerous hiking trails and unexplored waterfalls, Jiaosi is definitely a haven for nature enthusiasts. Apart from that, you can get around to almost every hiking trail or outdoor spot on scooter or rent a cab in case you want to save yourself the effort of riding a two wheeler all by yourself.

If you are looking to travel between Taipei and Yilan, there are two bus services that are particularly comfortable and well known – The Capital Star and Kamalan. While the tickets on the former cost about $120 NT from Taipei to Yilan, the latter costs about $130 NT. Both are equally comfortable and you can reserve the tickets in advance as well.


The weather in Yilan is mostly subtropical with summers being quite hot, humid and unbearable. The average temperature in summer is around 30 degrees Celsius and July is the hottest month. Like almost every subtropical destination, Yilan faces typhoons during summers. Winters are relatively mild with gusts of wind and rain. The average temperatures during winters are around 15 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn are best times for visiting Yilan and the temperatures are around the 25 degrees mark during the months of March-April and October-November.


A perfect place for nature and adventure enthusiasts, you are suggested to come prepared with enough information on hiking trails, precaution to be taken on common hiking trails and other outdoor adventure guides. It makes sense to have some gear with you as well as hiring and renting all of it might cost you a bomb. If you are a regular outdoor adventurist, we suggest that you bring some of your gear along if all is not possible due to weight restrictions. Yilan is also known for some great authentic Taiwanese cuisine and having it amidst the lap of nature is something you would savor forever. Yulan and Susin Tea brands are also popular here. You can also travel to and fro Taipei and Yilan on a same day trip to make the most of your stay in Taipei. See you there!

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